The second annual exhibition of Instagram photos to support Alzheimer Foundation.


Memories 4 Good

What is your earliest memory? And which one is the happiest? Would you rather forget some memories? And which ones you want to recall again and again and keep them in mind for good?

You're lucky to be able to choose which memories you keep and which you forget. What if it wasn't like that? Imagine you're looking at a photo not being able to recognize, who's on it, where was it taken and what was going on. Imagine you're losing your memories one by one.

These are just some of the symptoms of the incurable Alzheimer's disease.

Would you like to contribute to the research of this disease other way than financially? Just give us your memory. How? Read on.

How To Get Involved

Send us your memories, it's easy

1) Select unique moments from your Instagram photos, that you never ever want to forget. Or upload new ones. (Make sure your Instagram profile is public, otherwise we won't be able to see your pics).

2) Tag these photos #Memories4Good and write a short caption explaining why you don't want to forget this particular moment. (The length of the caption is limited to 250 characters to ensure it fits into the Polaroid picture frame when printed.)

Watch what memories are shared by others at #Memories4Good

Photo of the Week

Every week, our partner Vyvolej.to will select one photo, whose author will get a voucher in the value of CZK 270, which is enough to print up to 30 classic square Polaroids.

What's next

We are collecting Instagram memories from July 18 until October 16. Our jury will choose up to 500 photos to be printed as Polaroids for the exhibition.

The funds raised from voluntary admission to the exhibition Memories 4 Good / Vyvolane vzpominky will support the work of the Alzheimer Foundation (Czech Republic).

Don't Forget

By tagging your Instagram photos #Memories4Good, you express consent to its eventual printing and use. Therefore, tag only your own photos and make sure that everyone in the picture agrees with a potential exposure at the exhibition. The jury will not accept photos that violate generally applicable laws and moral and ethical principles.

Complete terms and conditions of the event here

We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition!


Enjoy it with us

Support Alzheimer Foundation (Czech Republic) and come to the second annual exhibition Memories 4 Good / Vyvolane vzpominky.

When: October 27 - November 30
Where: Parlor Café, Křižíkova 197/37, Praha - Karlín
Exhibition Partner: Vyvolej.to

Check out the unique collection of photo memories from Instagram and make a picture of what is important and memorable for people today. Are they enjoying the simple things, or do they remember only the wow experiences?

Find out the latest information on Alzheimer's disease and contribute to its research by a voluntary amount.

Memories of the Past Year

Last year at Gallery Arte Decor Gražyna Prague, there was an exhibition called Vyvolane vzpominky showing 310 photo memories out of a total of 1048 tagged on Instagram. Some Instagram profiles were set up only to support our cause and we highly appreciate it. Well-known personalities of Czech culture and sport got involved too. We would like to thank once again to everyone involved for their support. We managed to raise the amount of CZK 25,427, which Alzheimer Foundation (Czech Republic) used on a incentive project for young scientists - Doctor Jan Bureš Award for the best scientific publication.

See how we enjoyed the very first exhibition of instagram photos:

Get inspired by photos from the first edition #vyvolanevzpominky.

Who We Are

Alzheimer Foundation (Czech Republic)

Alzheimer Foundation (Czech Republic) was established in 2011 to support research into Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative or vascular diseases of the brain that lead to cognitive impairment and dementia. Our goal is also to improve the quality of patient care, expanding the framework of care and improving the conditions under which it is granted.

Read more about Alzheimer Foundation (Czech Republic) and its activities at www.alzheimernf.cz or at Facebook profile.

Besides participating in the Memories 4 Good project you can also support Alzheimer's research by sending a sms donation in form of DMS NEZAPOMENU to number 87 777. The price of the DMS is CZK 30, the Alzheimer Foundation (Czech Republic) will receive CZK 28,50. By remembering to send it each month, you will train your memory and help a lot at the same time. More at www.darcovskasms.cz

On behalf of Memories4Good project

Idea Maker Tereza Miková:
"Photos in my phone are kind of a photo diary to me. Sometimes I feel like nothing major happened in my life and then I sit on a tram shuffling through my photos and I gotta admit, that I'm actually quite enjoying my life and I think back. I can't imagine losing these memories one after the other and me not being able to do anything about it. That I wouldn't recognize my friends and family, that I wouldn't find my way home. And because even now I sometimes feel like I can't keep anything in my head, I decided to come up with a project that would contribute to the research of Alzheimer's disease. When I discovered Vyvolej.to, a company that prints out Instagram photos, I created the Memories 4 Good. Well, and then we also enjoy kind of a dark humor in the team and we say that by working on this project we basically prepay our future treatment, because we will probably need it one day with our poor memories…"


Memories 4 Good Project

Instagram: vyvolanevzpominky
Facebook: Vyvolané vzpomínky
Twitter: @vzpominky


Šárka Kovandová
Jana Bakalářová
Tereza Miková
Mattis Czerniak
Jindřich Mika
Aniko Bajor
Kateřina Linhardtová

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Alzheimer nadační fond

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